May 26, 2021 Emerald Bridge

Many of my clients dream of the day when they hear a song they wrote playing through the radio. However, they still make a lot of money licensing music for video games. The current news from the video game world and the assets that are needed in order for you to break in and advance deep within the realms of video game production and development and penetrate the video game industry once and for all. We understand you think you are a hot shot video game master. We understand that you are everything that everyone wants in a music composer and as a musician, a songwriter, and as an international composer you are wanting credit for the work you have done. We understand all this and we often wonder how we can help musicians and artists like you advance yourself in the world of gaming.

The composers of video game music often time go unnoticed and the work that they put in 2021 the video game music production and those who are curious how to become a video game composer in 2021 with options including defining success as a video game composer. Video game music in 2020 were stellar as music composers release the best music for entertainment while playing video games. There are some great video games worth checkig out and if you are looking for awesome music let’s see what we have. Some video games have big budgets and rockstar composers. When we look at the rockstar music composers in 2020 who really came out of the gate with some fantastic jams we have game scores that are absolutely phenomenal.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Koji Kondo who officially joined Nintendo in 1984 and is Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time. Nintendo game music in 2021 including video game music freelancers

Preparing Your Songs to Be Shopped

Shopping the Songs – and pitching music for sync placement in order to advance music licensing opportunities. The hunt entails – The two questions are who to pitch to, and what are they looking for?

Who to connect with?

What type of music are they looking for?

When looking out on how to connect with video game developers the question that arises most is who are these people and how do we begin to conversate and build relationships with them.

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